Chloe Robinson Chapter President
Gator Colon Vice President of Membership Experience
Kalin Preece Vice President of Membership Integrity
Rakel Dassinger Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Courtney Fey Vice President of Operations
Brenna McNeil Vice President of Programming & Enrichment
Megan Fettig Director of New Member Experience
Aaliyah Houlis Director of Lifetime Engagement
Lilyn Hanley Director of Ritual Education
Donika Saqipi Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Emily Woodrum Director of Chapter Property
Natalie Woolley Director of Panhellenic Relations
Mandee Clark Director of Event Planning
Sophia Goodell Director of Continuous Recruitment
Kaitlin Witten Director of Recruitment
Makenna DeBoer Director of Chapter Culture
Lily Predmore Director of Finance
Amanda Thompson Membership Integrity Coordinator
Lauren Jones Membership Integrity Coordinator
Madeline Caldwell Membership Integrity Coordinator
Macy timczyk Recruitment Data Coordinator
Savannah Ashtiani Matching Coordinator
Kelly Ann Asker Community Engagement Coordinator
Ellie Enebo Merchandise Coordinator
Emilee Thompson Awards Coordinator
Caitlin Hanson Senior Experience Coordinator