Kalin Preece Chapter President
Sophia Goodell Vice President of Membership Experience
Donika Saqipi Vice President of Membership Integrity
Kylie Lunders Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Mackenzie Giles Vice President of Operations
Megan Kelly Vice President of Programming & Enrichment
Katie Lasko Director of New Member Experience
Kristiana Cambouris Director of Lifetime Engagement
Abigail Gundry Director of Ritual Education
Kate Muchukot Director of Academics
Gabriella Vetrano Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Sydney Hetz Director of Administration
Maria Chechopoulos Director of Chapter Property
Julia Oertli Director of Panhellenic Relations
Sydney Tartaglia Director of Event Planning
Macy Timczyk Director of Philanthropy
Sarah Southern Director of Continuous Recruitment
Ryan Modarelli Director of Chapter Culture
Lily Predmore Director of Finance
Holly VanLooy Recruitment Data Coordinator
Alyssa Dominguez Matching Coordinator
Joelle Stever Awards Coordinator